N-Bone Rewards Pet Treats


Market insights show consumers will be looking for more grain-free treats for their cats & dogs. NPIC is working on an innovative grain-free formula for its treats, so new packaging should be developed to launch this new brand.


I collaborated with the marketing team to gather and analyze market research. I was in charge of the creative concept of the packaging, developed branding, created illustrations and high fidelity mockups.


Strategic Design Insights

Treats communicate love from owners: Pet treats are closely associated with the affection pet owners feel for their pets, with 45 percent of pet owners reporting treats are their way of showing their pet they love them. Mintel research shows that treat-giving behavior as a demonstration of affection increases with pet owner age: 49 percent of owners age 55-64 see pet treats as a way to show love, compared to just 41 percent of owners age 18-24. Nearly half of dog owners (48 percent) give treats daily, compared to 28 percent of cat owners. Habitual dog treat usage may relate to the role treats play in dog training


mintel fact

N-Bone Rewards offers all-natural, grain-free treats for dogs and cats.


Developing the concept 

Branding: N-Bone Rewards Functionals is a brand in the category of premium treats.

mighty bones packaging.png

happy hearts packaging.png