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UX, UI, Visual Design, Prototyping, Usability testing.

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Glifft is a service designed for “thoughtful gifting” – it assists users in giving more thoughtful gifts by providing recommendations generated through hybrid intelligence, a marriage of human curators and machine learning. Their aim is to reintroduce delight back into the gifting experience by eliminating stress, saving time, and improving both the gift quality and relationships of their users.


process copy

Competitor Analysis

As a foundation and warm up for the project, the team inspected Glifft competitor’s products. These activities helped to start the conversation in our initial brainstorming.

competitors review

Google Ventures Design Sprint

We decided to run a GV Design Sprint to understand if the Glifft idea mapped to an opportunity. This exercise is great because all this testing is done even before launching an MVP.

The results of the GV Design Sprint pointed us to continue with the project and during a co-creation session, the team came up with some swipe interaction game details.


Wireframes Basic Flow

Right after envisioning some concepts on the design sprint, the UX team started working on flows.

Lo-fi flow


Most of my contributions on this project, where on coming up with the style and UI for this app. We executed a branding workshop to understand and position the Glifft brand and product.


The results of the branding workshop became the foundation to start working on basic components, interactions and templates.

basic styleguide

Here is a snippet of the iterations we did until we came up with the final visual style we wanted to achieve.
Style tile iterations

UI Design and User Flow


Usability & Comprehension Testing

See Usability and Comprehension Testing Guide

While most of the users interviewed understood the swiping game and concept of the Glifft app.

The team was able to find opportunities to improve the user experience:

Glifft_Research Synthesis - Opportunities

Some visual design refinement was done after this results to come up with a better experience.